Can you think of anything nicer, said the spider to the fly

Than to sit and watch the sunset on the day that’s just gone by

The artistry of our maker, all those colours in the sky

It has to be the nicest thing to see

I feel I have to disagree, the fly it did reply

For as I was flitting round and round and time was passing by

I spied this lovely creature, ‘twas a stunning butterfly

It has to be the nicest thing to see

Shall we take a walk together, said the spider to the fly

And we can check the beauty of your lovely butterfly

To see if it surpasses all God’s wonders in the sky

For that has to be the nicest thing to see

Do you really think I’m silly, that I don’t wonder why

A spider wants to come and meet my lovely butterfly

To check if it is prettier than the painting in the sky

I think you want that butterfly for tea

Oh never! Oh my goodness! cried the spider to the fly

I’d never show such rudeness, and I can’t consider why

You should ever be suspicious or think I’d tell a lie

I hope you’ll now apologise to me

I really am most sorry, the fly it did reply

I’ll walk with you and take you to my lovely butterfly

Put his arms around the spider, to comfort him you see

And the spider ate the little fly for tea


I really had forgotten, how beautiful it was

To wander round the garden, and I tell you this because

This evening I took a stroll, and marvelled at the views

Of Mother Nature's wonders, I just had to share the news

It was bitter cold this evening, so I wore a coat and hat

And a pair of gloves to warm my hands, I couldn't forget that

A gin and tonic in my hand, the gloves kept out the cold

Of the ice that tinkled gently in the glass I had to hold

Springtime still seems far away, the frosts still linger on

It will be a week or two or more, til winter's finally gone

But still the sun was shining bright, to give the heart some cheer

And made me feel that very soon, the Spring would soon be here

Buds are still to open though the daffodils have come

And crocuses are still in bloom, no heat yet from the sun

It won't be long, I tell myself, in the fading evening light

And that's exactly what I did, as I wandered round tonight

I loved my little dander, as I moved back to the house

My mind began to wander as I rejoined my spouse

Soon we would be back again, in the garden, where it seems

Mother Nature's wonders can fulfil our greatest dreams


I went into the garden, it was a sight to see

The daffodils were all in bloom

And I spied a bumblebee

The snowdrops they had gone away, the crocuses all done

But the bee it still had work to do

The summer’s still to come

For happiness is plant shaped, or so I have been told

I love it in the garden

Maybe I am getting old

I didn’t always feel like this, when as a little boy

I didn’t have the interest in

The plants that bring me joy

I guess it’s just as years go by, I start to feel the pleasure

Of being in the garden

To experience life’s treasure

And Mother Nature’s wonderful, for making it come true

And happiness is plant shaped

I do believe ... don’t you?

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