The Wildflower Meadow

This idea came to fruition in 2008.  We started off my scraping the top soil and weeds off a meadow of around one acre, then sprayed to remove all trace of weeds, before harrowing, levelling and sowing with a wildflower and grass mix.  The area was then rolled twice.  All stones which appeared were removed by hand

The first year was late in making any show as it was July before anything appeared, and it was restricted to the usual annuals in a mix ...  field marigolds, field poppies, cornflower etc

The second year (2009) has seen a nice blend as the perennials make their appearance ... cuckoo flower, meadow buttercup, ragged robin, oxeye daisy being the first to show

You can follow a series of pictures showing progress to date, and also close up photographs of the different wildflowers as they appear

The Meadow’s Progress

Wildflower Photographs

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